new client form for nina

thanks for choosing to be my new client,

all new clients interested in color need to send me a photo of your current hair, hair goals, even if it is just a retouch. The new versions of highlights might need more than just a foil or a balayage. I don’t need photos of your face in them, but photos of what your hair looks like is necessary for the desired result. Some of the new styles require more than just a traditional highlight, and need a root shadow or a balayage and then a foil/babylights.


if your hair has these dyes: black/dark brown dyes, reds  (copper, auburn, maroon), box colors or dark colors that have been covered. It will be a corrective color service which will be $170 an hour, a minimum of 3 hours. That will be an online color consult, and maybe an in person one if it may be a whole day corrective color.

please email me at with info above.

FYI: If you have  vivid/rainbow dyes, henna, relaxer, perm, or over processed hair. I will not perform a service on your hair unless it is an all over color going darker.